New Party Songs 2016

New Party Songs 2016

New Party songs 2016

Whether you believe it or not, the nature and features of all types of music have undergone some drastic changes in the recent years, and these changes have brought a new identity to these songs. For example, if you pay attention to the new party songs 2016, you can find some big changes that have made the listeners think if they are of some new genre or they are the same old party songs. These changes are in line with the changes in the lifestyle of the humans. The most significant change that most of the new party songs 2016 reflect is the speed and tempo of these songs. Most of these songs are recorded with a relatively fast music that is created with some of the latest version of instruments.

Though some traditional musical instruments can still be experienced in these songs, but the players have adopted some new techniques in playing them. The recording system of these songs seems to have changed as well. Though stereo effect can still be noticed, but the impact of Dolby Digital sound system has been more prominent in the new party songs 2016. Midst loads of other changes, the responsibility of the singers has become a little bit more difficult because the responsibility of justifying their voice with the louder music still rests on their shoulder. They need to put more efforts while recording these songs live in the recording studios.

New Party Songs 2016


Sorry is a song recorded by Canadian singer Justin Bieber for his fourth studio album, Purpose (2015). Written by Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, Sonny Moore.
Producer – Skrillex Blood
Genre – Dancehall-pop tropical house

Cool for the Summer

Cool for the Summer is a song by American singer Demi Lovato. It serves as the lead single from her fifth studio album, Confident.
Producer are Max Martin, Ali Payam
Genre – Pop pop rock
Writer are Demi Lovato, Savan Kotecha, Max Martin, Alexander Erik, Kronlund, Ali Payami

On My Mind

“On My Mind” is a song recorded by English singer and songwriter Ellie Goulding from her third studio album, Delirium
Released on 17 September 2015
Genre are Electropop & R&B
Writer are Ellie Goulding, Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Ilya Salmanzadeh
Producer – Max Martin and Ily

Good for You

Good for You is a song by American singer Selena Gomez, recorded for her second studio album Revival.
Released on June 22, 2015
Producer are Sir Nolan and Nick Monson
Genre is Pop & R&B
Writer are Julia Michaels, Justin Tranter, Nolan Lambroza, Nick Monson, Rakim A. Mayers, Hector Delgado, Selena Gomez


Focus is a song recorded by American singer Ariana Grande, from the album Dangerous Woman, released on October 30, 2015.
Producer – Ilya Max Marti
Writer are Savan Kotecha, Peter Svensson, Ilya Salmanzadeh, Ariana Grande.

However, most of the modern singers of the party songs need a big congratulation for providing the best quality of new party songs for the modern party-loving youth. However, you should not and you cannot forget the contribution of the DJs who put their own efforts to bring more popularity to the latest party songs that have been recently in 2016. Their unique style of playing these songs need much appreciation indeed.

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