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What are top party songs ? Parties are usually happy moments that people celebrate together with the near and dear ones. Though the nature of parties are different, but the spirit is always the same. People usually make fun and do something extra that they seldom can do in their regular life schedules. This is one spirit that makes parties very special. Be it a birthday party or a marriage anniversary, or even a corporate party, most of them bring a happy spirit among the party goers.

The arrangement of parties is just no easy. Usually, people make ample arrangement of fun and food for the party lovers, but parties are often incomplete without top party songs. These are special kinds of songs that are born to create a sensation of fun and frolic among the party goers. The party songs are usually fast songs that are dominated by loud music. The party lovers feel that fast party songs make the people get filled with some great enthusiasms. They start feeling the pulse from within.

Top Party Songs List

Beat It

Beat It is a song written and performed by American singer Michael Jackson and produced by Quincy Jones.
Released on February 14, 1983
Genre – Hard Rock, Dance Rock
Writer – Michael Jackson
Producer is Quincy Jones

Hung Up

Hung Up is a song by American singer Madonna from her tenth studio album Confessions on a Dance Floor (2005).
Released on October 17, 2005
Genre is Dance-Pop and Disco
Written by Madonna, Stuart Price, Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulvaeus
Producer are Madonna and Stuart Price

The Bad Touch

The Bad Touch is a song recorded by American alternative rock band Bloodhound Gang. It was released on May 31st, 1999 as the lead single from their album Hooray for Boobies.
Released on 31 May 1999
Genre is Eurodance and Dance-Pop
Writer – Jimmy Pop
Producer is Jimmy Pop

Get Busy

Get Busy is a 2003 dancehall song by Jamaican dancehall reggae toaster Sean Paul, from his album Dutty Rock.
Released on 4 March 2003
Genre – Reggae, dancehall, reggae fusion
Writer are Sean Paul, Henriques Steven, Marsden
Producer areSteven Lenky Marsden

As far as playing the top party songs is concerned, that also needs a special arrangement where the hosts need to put the best sound systems with quality speakers. The beat on the system makes people join others on the dance floors. This is a common trend but modern party hosts even move a few steps further. They hire professional DJs to play the top party songs in their own style. Obviously, these DJs have a natural as well as professional ability to make the top party songs even more attractive. Their input enhances the mood of the party even stronger. The presence of these DJs add a new level to the successful composition of the top party songs. Though these English party hits are available in almost all the languages in the world, but the English songs are most popular among the party lovers.

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